For purchases made on the KUNA US online store

In order for the shipment of the product to be carried out successfully, that is, in an appropriate and timely manner, the client must record the correct information when executing the Purchase Order.

The registration of erroneous or incomplete data that causes an improper processing will be the exclusive responsibility of the client. This could happen even in a cancellation of the order if the Company deems it appropriate.

The delivery period of the order is posted since the confirmation of the payment of the Purchase Order. The extension of this term will depend on delivery address.

USA Transit time: Shipping implies different transit times between 2 and 5 working days (Delivery between 10-15 working days for garments with inventory in our warehouse in Arequipa-Peru.), depending on zip code. 

The Company will continuously monitor the orders dispatched, in order to ensure that they arrive at their destination within the agreed time. However, the delivery may not materialize for any of the following situations:

  • The delivery address was not located because the registration in the website was carried out in an equivocal or incomplete manner.
  • No residents were found in the shipping address at the time of delivery.

Once informed of the inconvenience, the Company will contact the Client via email to make the rescheduling of the delivery date. The additional costs involved in this reprogramming will be borne by the client.

In case the client requires additional information about the delivery status of his order, he can contact the Company through email to

Indemnification / Compensation

The disagreement regarding the acquisition of the client’s products does not generate or create the payment of any type of compensation by KUNA.

Customs, Tariffs And Taxes:

For shipments to the United States, all taxes and additional fees are assumed by the KUNA USA online store.

Shipments To Other Countries

For shipping inquiries to other countries, please contact us at