KUNA carries in each garment the softness of the best fiber from our alpacas, vicuñas, llamas and guanacos, but also takes care in the conservation, breeding, and improvement of these species, in the preservation of the andean communities and their invaluable knowledge and culture.



The most beautiful of the South American camelids, this beautiful animal with the finest animal fiber in the world functions for the ancient weavers of the Andes, the most valuable raw material, with which they made wonderful clothing for the Inca royalty.

For the collection of its fiber, the ancestral knowledge of the Andean communities is used, through the method of shearing called Chaccu, which has allowed us to obtain this valuable fiber while maintaining the integrity and freedom of this wonderful animal, in the same way is the inheritance of these communities that manages to preserve intact the qualities of this fiber since they carry out a delicate descerdado by hand.

At KUNA we have taken on the fascinating challenge of ensuring the survival of the vicuña and its rich ancestral heritage, employing thousands of Peruvians, becoming the only brand in the world that accompanies the production process from beginning to end, managing to transform the extreme fineness of the vicuña fiber in garments of delicate beauty, whose softness to the touch is a privilege that fills us with pride.

Peruvian National Symbol.
Considered "The Gold of the Andes".
Its fiber varies between 10 and 13 microns.
Lightweight and with thermo-regulatory properties.
Marketing of fiber certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru and CITES (Convención sobre el Comercio Internacional de Especies Amenazadas de Fauna y Flora Silvestre).


In contrast to its strong figure and rugged beauty, the Guanaco produces a very fine fiber of a soft cinnamon color. Warm and silky raw material with which in KUNA we produce garments that carry with them, in addition to excellent quality, an unusual charm, linked to the development of the Andean man since, like the vicuña, he used the Chaccu as a method of shearing for this animal.

Today KUNA carries out a laborious collection of guanaco fiber in a wide sector of the Andes, which is certified by CITES. This fiber is chosen manually so that its brightness and particular softness are of the highest quality, which allows us to produce garments with sophisticated beauty and that retain that unique charm that nature has. Marketing of fiber certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru and CITES (Convención sobre el Comercio Internacional de Especies Amenazadas de Fauna y Flora Silvestre).

Silky in appearance.
Incredibly soft to the touch.
Thermo regulatory properties.


A camelid inhabitant of the Peruvian Andes, it has the fiber with the greatest natural color variety that exists in the world of weaving, which ranges from white to black, through brown and gray. This quality added to its warmth and softness, were the inspiration and basis for the Andean textile development, especially the Inca. Today, this extraordinary fiber plays a fundamental role in the world of textiles.

Alpaca fiber is one of the most versatile, which has allowed us at KUNA to open different paths and possibilities for the development of unique collections based on the qualities of this fiber, we invite you to discover them:

  • ALPACA 16


It is the fiber recognized worldwide for its softness and subtle shine. It has the largest chromatic variety that exists in the world of weaving, going through 22 natural tones that go from white, brown and gray, to black.

This exquisite quality carried out by expert hands of artisans who master ancient secrets that allow them to choose the fiber by hand, manages to obtain an average fineness between 20 and 22.5 microns, added to its warmth and softness, were inspiration and basis for development Andean textile, especially the Inca.
Today, this extraordinary fiber plays a fundamental role in the world of textiles.

High performance in extreme weather conditions.
Efficient moisture absorption.
Incredibly soft to the touch.
Wide range of products.


The Suri breed, coming from the millenary domestication by high Andean shepherds, represents only 6% of the total of alpacas. It is smaller than the huacaya, has a graceful and delicate appearance and produces a very fine fleece that covers it like a mantle, made up of long wicks of up to 16 cm. of length; These fall vertically on the neck and around the entire body, giving it a unique beauty.

It is the summum of the selection in terms of alpaca fiber, since only 0.5% of the total processed alpaca fiber corresponds to this noble input BABY ALPACA SURI, thanks to its beautiful chromatic variety, fineness, softness and natural shine , is one of the most valuable fibers of South American camelids, which gives the garments a visible and very particular elegance.

Beautiful uniqueness.
Silky in appearance.
Incredibly soft to the touch.
Exclusive and of innumerable qualities.


The finest Alpaca garments in the world.
The finest selection of alpaca ever obtained, it is called Alpaca 16, it has an unbeatable softness to the touch and subtle luster. The fiber comes from the National Alpaca Fiber Contest that annually organizes our own experimental station for scientific research and genetic development: Pacomarca. It has a fineness of 16.7 microns, a world record in alpaca fiber never before achieved and that only KUNA owns.

The production of Alpaca 16 garments belongs to a small batch made up of fiber from the best alpaca breeders in Peru, which were finalists in the “El Quintal del Inca” contest, making it 100% traceable. Therefore, each article is numbered.

Subtle luster.
Exclusive selection.
Unbeatable softness.
Limited and numbered products.


ROYAL ALPACA, is the most demanding selection of the best alpaca fiber of both races (Suri and Huacaya), carried out by expert hands of artisans who master ancient secrets and later by a technified process, which allows them to choose the finest fiber , soft and warm, possessing that elegant and subtle luster, which also encompasses the magnificent tonal range that this wonderful fiber can offer. All this makes it possible for the garments made with this input to display an unmistakable elegance and personality.

At KUNA we guarantee that ROYAL ALPACA yarns come from fleeces of maximum fineness (up to 18 microns), providing a feeling of comfort comparable to other very fine hairs such as Cashmere, Camel, extra-fine wool, etc. It is our own concept created in order to differentiate ourselves through "The best fiber selection".

Subtle luster.
Silky in appearance.
Beautiful uniqueness.
Incredibly soft to the touch.


The rarest natural fiber color in the world is black and Peru is the country with the highest number of black alpacas; however, pure black alpacas have been declining in Peru in recent years to constitute less than 0.07% of the total of these animals in the country. This means approximately 5,000 animals.

BLACK ALPAKA is a fascinating and exclusive collection that symbolizes our effort to conserve pure black alpacas, currently in danger of disappearing. Thanks to PACOMARCA we can say that we have the largest group of these animals that exists, which we study, care for and reproduce to encourage their breeding in the rest of the country.

Exclusive selection.
Numbered items.
100% natural black fiber.
Possessor of high finesse and uniformity.
It symbolizes our effort to conserve black alpacas.